Sunday, August 7, 2016

#15 Mayflower Lineage

(listing only deceased)

Generation #1:
William White married Susanna(h) Fuller, two sons:  Resolved and Peregrine (born aboard the Mayflower)

Generation #2:
Resolved White married Judith Vassal, six children:  William, John, Samuel, Resolved, Elizabeth, and Josiah.

Generation #3:
Josiah White married Remember Read, five children:  Josiah, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, Hannah.

Generation #4:
Josiah White married Mary Taylor, four children:  Josiah (died young), Mary, Josiah, Caleb

Generation #5:
Caleb White married Rebecca Marsh, five/six children: Caleb, Sally, Dexter, Chloe, and Hosea (some reference to a daughter Rebecca, but not confirmed).

Generation #6:
Hosea White married Grata Wright, nine children:  Elisha, Rufus, Lewis, Lemuel, Hosea Jr., Samantha, Charles, Harriet, and Edwin.

Generation #7:
Lemuel White married Nancy Morrow, seven children: Philena, Melissa, unknown son (died infancy), Ovando, Lundy (died as toddler), Miranda Clarissa, and Sylvanus.

Generation #8:
Sylvanus White married Margaret Donohue, five children:  Helena, Francis, Florence, Leo and Marie.

Generation #9:
Helena White married Edward Merklin, six children:  Margaret, James, Edward, Donald, Betty, and Joseph

Generation #10:
Margaret Merklin married Albert Hayes, seven children,

Generation #11: 
Children of Margaret Merklin and Albert Hayes.

Generation #12:
Grandchildren of Margaret Merklin and Albert Hayes.

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